SailSmart - Ship Analytics!

SailSmart is a one-stop ship analytics platform that provides Voyage Performance, Vessel Performance, Voyage P&L and Financial Metrics for Operators and Fleet Owners.

A very easy to use platform, acquires clean data from source and further applies advanced analytics to build insights in the business. The interactive visualization of multi-dimensional perspective of your voyage data delivering instant monitoring tool to control your variable costs such as bunker, port expenses, demurrage and so on hence maximizing your profits and controlling your risks.

SailSmart automates the Operator’s operations in no time from voyage fixtures to end of Voyages. It validates and integrates Noon report data through its proprietary SeaConnect module that is easily accessible to the Masters on the vessel, collects estimation data from Chartering, integrates Weather forecasts and finally consolidates Voyage financials through CostTrack to give you a full picture of your business.

Powerful AI platform

Our Machine learning algorithms are built and tuned continuously providing comparative analysis and co-relations between various parameters such as vessel, routes, speed, weather, fuel oil, location, port calls, cargo, ETA, sea condition and so on. SailSmart’s Artificial Intelligence models are continuously detecting patterns and fine tuning performance benchmarks.

We record, observe and recommend actions needed on future costs, profitability and asset condition to enable your teams to optimize your ship’s operational cost and control risks.


Management Dashboard like never before

SailSmart delivers stunning Management dashboards from where you can drill down to voyage P&L, Financial analysis, Operational efficiency, team performance and other key metrics. 

Insights from vessel analytics, spend analytics and port visit analytics are all highly helpful in running your business more efficiently and maximizing your Profitability. 

SailSmart ensures to build a data driven decision making culture. 

Key Features

SeaConnect Ensures
Proper Vessel Data Capture

Intelligently designed SeaConnect captures vessel data though smart data validation, reducing the Master's effort drastically yet ensuring data accuracy before analysis.

Estimate Module Enables Chartering Data Capture for Analysis

Estimate module is well integrated into SeaConnect and captures estimation data from chartering team.

Advanced Analytics puts you Ahead of the Competition

Machine learning algorithms execute highly complex computations and predict meaningful outcomes.

Amazing Interactive Visualization of Your Data

SailSmart’s amazing interactive visualizations allows you to feel the individual data sets you need at the click of a mouse.

Simple and Easy to Implement in Your Existing Environment

All your voyages can be integrated into SailSmart quickly while the platform can ingest data from any of your existing database including an ERP.

Exceptional Pricing and Continuous Upgrades

SailSmart is a transformational product designed with the latest technology, made available at a cost that is hard to believe. Instant RoI guaranteed!