Advanced Analytics for real performance

SailSmart’s amazing data architecture is able to swiftly manage data from various sources and allocate into appropriate buckets. As our Validation engine is meticulous and domain intensive, we are confident of the data sourced. With this abundance of voyage, performance, fuel burn, sea conditions, weather data, our Advanced Analytics engine delivers deep insights that can be taken for action.

The extent of analytics is immense and very deep while it depends on what you want to do with it. Our machine learning algorithms keep learning and fine tuning benchmarks whether it is for understanding fuel to speed, fuel to slip, speed to rpm, fuel to rpm and loads of other co-relation metrics.

Whether you are an Operator, Owner, Manager or a Ship builder these data metrics can be of very useful.

Voyage Performance

SailSmart allows you to quickly see a detailed analysis of each voyage’s total trip with an extraordinary categorization of all the critical parameters such as estimated and actual speed, weather impact on a daily basis, and corresponding performance. SailSmart’s crucial performance manifestation allows a full understanding of various voyage trends, key learnings, and enhances creative discussion with anyone regarding the voyage such as demonstratable observations.

Post Event analysis

Events can be any in a shipping contest from Hull repair to change of new parts.
We provide good statistic of efficiency before and after the event was established.


SailSmart can compare various parameters such as weather, speed, slip, sea state and so on against fuel oil consumed or variance or or distance for a particular vessel to arrive at a various analytics such as cluster plots, etc to understand the co relation on both Laden or Balast conditions.
This analysis provides deep insights to the vessel manufacturers.